sound artist – instrument maker – multimedia dreamer


Allenou Boris is an independant electronic musician and sound artist from Paris, France and living in Davis California. 

Improviser, sound hacker, instruments builder, and eternal dreamer his work is varied and goes in a lots of direction with only one goal at the end : experimenting.

After a few years of classical guitare studies in a music school Boris decided to learn music theory, computer-assisted composition and musicology. In 2013 he passed a Bachelors Degree in musicology at Evry University (FR) under the supervision of Bernart Jean-Yves and Bertier Michel, and, in 2016, a Masters Degree in musical theory and research at Paris 8 University under the direction of Sedes Anne and Solomos Makis.

In 2014, a company named Liquid Sound recruted Boris. This company, directed by Inbo Lee, works between Seoul (Korea) and Paris. They create together three different shows  : Relation (2014-2015) Angoisse (2015) and 5 souvenirs (2016…) wich interrogates human feelings and social interaction by creating bridges between traditionnal Korean music, comtemporary electronic music and other art forms such as performance and scenography.

In 2015 Boris and ten other musicians created the XtetX association which aims to organize musical and artistic events in the field of improvisation, experimentation and performative arts as well as the production and diffusion of materialized or dematerialized records.

With all the musiciens he met and worked with, he recorded and created different styles of music and different types of underground performances such as the band named Lain Into Wired with whom he improvised on audio visual materials based chose randomly on Youtube.

In a musical Fablab he also animates instruments building workshops and collective listening session with Lutherie Urbaine (Urban Lutherie), an association working whit artists and builders to create different shows, workshops and exhibitions.

The latest work Boris has done is a rendering of David Tudor’s Rainforest installation concert. With Coupille Ollivier and Madiot Thierry they worked during two residencies. They used electronic, informatics and mechanic technics and interpreted the principle of vibrating objects, feedback, and sound spacialization to follow the path of David Tudor and go their own ways.

He is now working on a audiovisual installation called Octantis. He just received the support of les ateliers de la fondation Médicis for a residency in France from january to april 2018.  

In a global way, Allenou Boris’s work and research took place at a cross road between experimentation, sound ecology (creation of ecosystems), multi-media creation and innovative, informatic, electronic lutherie.